Why HitsLink?

Features and Benefits

Different Service Levels For Different Business Needs

HitsLink Professional

Hundreds of traffic statistics.  Extremely detailed search engine marketing information.  E-mail alerts upon user-definable traffic levels.
Click here for demo. (NOTE: This is a comprehensive demo that includes Platinum account features.)

HitsLink Enterprise

All the features of HitsLink Professional plus conversion tracking of pay-per-click campaigns (e.g. Adwords) all the way to orders and revenue!  You can track user definable events, such as, promotions and downloads as well on your site.  New: Create and manage users and groups with different access levels.
Click here for demo. (NOTE: This is a comprehensive demo that includes Platinum account features.)

HitsLink Platinum

All the features of HitsLink Enterprise and HitsLink Professional plus realtime dynamic segmentation, integrated geo-targeting segmentation, integrated demographics segmentation, multivariate (A/B) testing, multi-campaign analysis, custom visitor variables, custom transaction variables, and unlimited history.
Click here for demo.

Real-Time Dynamic Segmentation  If you don't know what this is, you have to TRY IT!

  • Segment your visitors and ecommerce in real-time.
  • Segment by demographics, behavior, geolocation, search info, organizations, universities and more.

Traffic, Social Media, Mobile and eCommerce Tracking

  • Built-in dashboards with advanced data visualizations.
  • Customize the dashboards or create your own.

Dozens of Reports, Hundreds of Statistics

Easy to Use

  • There is nothing to install.  You simply paste a small piece of HTML code on each page you wish to track statistics on.
  • After pasting the HTML code, you can immediately see your statistics start tracking.

Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Features

  • Referrals and search terms are tracked from hundreds of search engines.
  • Tracking is by site and by page for better optimization analysis.
  • Research potential click fraud by seeing repeat clicks by IP address, country of origin and more.


  • For consultants or webmasters with many sites, you can add unlimited sub-accounts to your main account.  This consolidates billing under the main account and provides substantial cost savings.

    Each sub-account has its own private login and password.  Sub-accounts cannot see other sub-accounts, so privacy is maintained.

E-Mail Traffic and eCommerce Alerts

  • You can setup alerts to notify you when certain traffic or ecommerce levels are hit.
  • Alerts can be by hour, day, or week.
  • Get notified when your traffic spikes!

Export and Email Your Reports

  • All reports can be exported to Adobe PDF, Word, Excel, OpenDocument, comma separated, tab delimited and rich text format.
  • Email a copy of any report at any time to multiple recipients.
  • Schedule reports for recurring email delivery to multiple recipients.
  • All reports can be displayed in printer-friendly mode.


  • You can bookmark commonly used custom reports.
  • A bookmarked report can be set to display upon each login.

Customize Your Reports

  • Combine several reports into a custom dashboard.
  • All charts have extensive customization capabilities.
  • Show or hide charts and data tables.
  • Add multiple filters to reports.

Money-Back Guarantee

  • If you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason during the first month of operation, simply e-mail support and we will fully refund your fee, no questions asked.